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On Saturday HARRP’s Steering Committee held a strategic planning retreat to assess the strengths and weaknesses of HARRP after five years of service and then lay the groundwork for the next five. ¬†We’ll have a report soon on the outcomes.

Thanks to the HARRP Steering Committee for a fantastic Strategic Planning Retreat! Special thanks to Kymm Nelsen and Billy Anfield for facilitating! WeHARRP strong!

Billy2 cropped

Billy Anfield, Facilitator and HARRP Case Manager

Chairman Robert Fentress

Chairman robert Fentress


HARRP’s Steering Committee 2015-16



Elliott speaking cropped

Elliott Young working the white board.

June portrait

June Johnson, HARRP Steering Committee

Kymm at whiteboard

Vice Chair and Facilitator Kymm Nelsen

Kymm fg Billy and Elliot bg xx

Discussion get deep!


The group.