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The next 5 week session starts January 10, 2015.  Classes are being held at:

Reentry Transition Center
1818 NE Martin Luther King, Jr. Blvd.,
Portland, OR

Saturdays, from 10am to 11:30am


Robert Fentress teaching HARRP's Freedom Road class at the Reentry Transition Center

Robert Fentress teaching Freedom Road classes offered by the HARRP Mentor Program

The Freedom Road curriculum is an effective modality designed to assist participants in re-entry and recovery. Our program is specifically designed to empower those struggling to successfully navigate and understand their place in society. Our four session workbook and test book provide a means for participants to track and document their progress while gaining a sense of self empowerment.
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• Putting it all together/Building your Road

“The quality of out choices is determined by the quality of our information.”

HARRP has teamed up with Freedom Road to offer a class in cognitive skills building tailored for men and women coming out of prison.  Created by HARRP mentor, Robert Fentress, Freedom Road was born inside the walls of the Oregon State Penitentiary. While doing a life sentence, Robert noticed how the young “fish” entering the ranks of inmates, seemed to tell the same stories over and over. It was as if they received an inmate handbook and a book of stories “to impress the inmates on the yard.”  Sadly, the average age of inmates entering the institution was becoming younger each year and this behavior was so consistent, Robert was curious to find out if the source of these stories was somewhere within the Juvenile Justice System. It took some time, of which Robert had plenty, and some maneuvering but, he was surprised to learn the same conduct was repeated within the Juvenile Justice System, the recovery programs, and the re-entry programs being offered to addicts and ex-cons. To understand this change to my environment, Robert needed answers to specific questions.

Robert Fentress, Founder Freedom Road

Robert Fentress, Founder Freedom Road

Robert explains:

I wrote Freedom Road, a cognitive skills and empowerment program designed to train youth and adults to improve the quality of their life through better choices. Focusing on crime prevention and re-entry, the curriculum prepares participants to recognize and understand the requirements of living a community focused lifestyle.

I approached the prison administration to see if I could form a speaking panel of inmates and present this information to at risk youth, and other programs in the visiting room of the penitentiary. The program proved to be very successful for youth, adults, and participating inmates. Over thirty schools and youth organizations participated and the results were (are) phenomenal.

Now, twenty (20) years later, I continue presenting this information as Freedom Road partners with community organizations, state agencies, churches, and schools in an effort to provide at risk youth, adults in re-entry, and recovery with the skills necessary to become productive members of our communities.