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“Out of the Shadows: Mentoring Prisoners in Transition” is a workshop production of HARRP (Highland Access, Re-entry and Recovery Program) and Mercy Corps Northwest. Directed by Lawrence Johnson. Consortium partners are Phoenix Rising Transitions, Women of Purpose, Oregon Islamic Chaplains Organization and The Miracles Club.

“The Next Right Thing” follows the story of Jamaica, a mother struggling to overcome barriers that come with a conviction history.  But like many others coming out of prison, Jamaica is ready and eager to work.  When businesses and governments include people with conviction histories in the hiring pools, everyone wins.  “The Next Right Thing” interviews system stakeholders, employers, experts and formerly incarcerated people themselves to explore the many ways that businesses–and entire communities–can benefit when people get second chances.  Many formerly incarcerated people have done the right things to make themselves outstanding husbands, mothers, citizens–and employees.  Are communities and businesses ready to take steps to do the next right thing?  Produced in Portland, Oregon, by HARRP, ROAR and Partnership for Safety and Justice.  If you’d like a DVD copy of this video, please contact us here.